3 Things You Need to Look for When Choosing Accommodation

Your accommodation is a big part of your holiday. Although the internet has made booking accommodation much easier there are still some vital factors that you need to consider before you book on the Sunshine Coast, or any other area. When choosing your holiday home on the Sunshine Coast there are three main things you need to look for:

  • Set a Goal for Your Trip


When you know what you will be doing on your holiday it is much easier to choose holiday accommodation. Of all the holiday houses Sunshine Coast has available there will be something that is perfect for your vacation.


What is the purpose of your holiday? Is it:

  • To spend quality time with your family?
  • To hang out with friends?
  • Will you be mainly relaxing by the pool?
  • Are you travelling for business?
  • Do you want to do some exploring or sightseeing?
  • Will you be dining in or out?
  • How long are you staying for?
  • Will you have your own transport?


Of our Holiday Letting Sunshine Coast options we have a range of unique, luxury stand alone homes that are close to amenities while giving you complete privacy. Every one of our holidays homes on the Sunshine Coast has a stunning water view, and most are right on the beach. There is something to suit every vacation!

  • When Booking Your Holiday Rentals Sunshine Coast, Decide on What Accommodation Features are Important to You

Considering the logistics of your holiday house on the Sunshine Coast will ensure that you and your family are comfortable and relaxed during your stay.

  • Is it important for you to be near restaurants?
  • Do you need lots of space?
  • How many bedrooms do you require?
  • How many bathrooms would you like ideally?
  • How many car spaces do you require?
  • Must it be family friendly?
  • Are you taking your pet?
  • Is there room for the children to stay?
  • Do you need child minding facilities?
  • Do your children need separate rooms?
  • Is a pool important?
  • What type of view would you like?

  • Testimonials When Choosing Your Holiday Rentals Sunshine Coast

It is important when choosing accommodation, whether on the Sunshine Coast or any other location, to have testimonials from previous guests. Testimonials should be available on the booking website, and will let you know how other guests rated the accommodation.


A little planning will allow you to truly enjoy your holiday accommodation, have fun, and relax! For luxury unique holiday letting Sunshine Coast Regions contact us at Gormay Gray Holidays.