If you own a holiday home, you may consider renting it out. We can help you to list your holiday home and maximise its function.This can be a highly profitable endeavor, particularly with a luxury holiday house rental on the Sunshine Coast. Here are 3 benefits of listing your property:

  1. Peak Vacation Time is Popular and Lucrative for Luxury Holiday House Accommodation Sunshine Coast Areas

Many people want to escape from their everyday environment and go to somewhere more relaxing. As well as high occupancy rates, you will also receive a higher rent for these periods. Consider listing your home for Easter, Christmas,school holidays andlong weekends. You don’t need to rent it out permanently!

As you can charge a higher amount for peak holiday times you may recoup the same amountin one month as you do in a week as a permanent rental!

2. You Have a Rental Income and Still Have a Home Away from Home

Renting out your holiday home increases your ROI. You receive an income from your property, and you decide when you want to stay in the home and when you will let it out.

3.There Are Business Benefits to Making Upgrades to Your Home

Redecorating, renovating and adding a pool or spa to yourluxury holiday homeon the Sunshine Coast is now a great business decision. Having a prestige home increases your income! You can reap the rewards of these upgrades when you stay in the home, and increase the rent at the same time.

With the help of an accountant who is experiencedin holiday rental properties, you can claim certain expenses such as maintenance and repairs, operating costs, and yard maintenance on your luxury holiday house accommodation on the Sunshine Coast.

Your holiday home will also grow in value after you have upgraded it.

At Gorman and Gray we can help you to rent out your holiday home, receive an increase in income and see your investment quickly grow in value! For more information on luxury holiday house rental on the Sunshine Coast contact us at Gorman and Gray.