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Holiday Anxiety?

Anthony Gorman - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Have You Got Holiday Anxiety?

It may sound strange to have the word holiday and anxiety in the same sentence.  For some people, booking a holiday can be as simple as pressing ‘Book Now’ and melting into holiday mode. However, for many people, the holiday season can be anything but relaxing.  Travelling away from your home, dealing with unscheduled activities outside of your usual routine, sleeping in a different bed, financial pressures and accommodating conflicting family members, can be overwhelming.  But, thankfully you don’t have to feel like the Queen Bee in unwanted hive of activity.

Find out our top tips for alleviating unnecessary holiday anxiety.  Remember, having a family holiday can be one of the best memories of your child’s life. Let us help you enjoy it!  

1)  Be prepared

They say preparation is the key to success and it applies to having a happy holiday too! Use a basic packing list as you prepare to ensure you don’t have any major oversights.  Bringing along a selection of accessible snacks and staple kitchen items can reduce the need to visit the shops on arrival at your destination, giving you more time to concentrate on the important things – relaxing! Doing a bit of research about the local area and its surrounds prior to your arrival, may save you a lot of unnecessary time away from others looking for somewhere to visit or something to do when you arrive. If research is not your thing and you prefer to be spontaneous, be prepared to engage in some conversations with the locals, who may offer some ideas to enliven your itinerary.

2)  Give Technology a Break

Detoxing from your devices can sometimes be the difference between relaxing and ‘really relaxing’. Using your phone to take photos may be a must and that’s okay, but remember you can disable emails and limit your communication with others who are not in your physical realm. Concentrating your energy on your loved ones can reset your who and what is most important in your life. If for some reason you still need an ounce of ‘online’ in your life, consider setting aside a time once or twice a day where you can check your emails and catch up on messages so that you can spend the rest of the time enjoying your getaway.

3)  Schedule Down Time

It may sound ironic, but scheduling down time can actually help you to enjoy a more active and rewarding holiday.  According to PsychologyToday, travelling can be stressful and if you are travelling with a group of friends or family, it is important to spend some time by yourself. This helps you to avoid frustration and disappointment, which can often prevent you from relaxing. 

While there is no exact formula for a happy holiday, following these three tips will ensure you are one step closer to enjoying your getaway and maybe even enjoying the packing process as well!


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