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Your Dog Needs a Holiday too..

Anthony Gorman - Friday, May 08, 2015

Take it from me, leaving a pet behind when you holiday can be traumatic. I have spent an entire holiday haunted by the memory of my dog’s sad brown eyes, quivery legs and dry nose as I left him behind and took off overseas.

It didn’t seem fair that I was chowing down on pizza, pasta and gelati while my fur children – a couple of rascally beagles were in a lonesome kennel eating Pal

In Europe I saw dogs as small as chihuahuas through to great danes shadowing their masters everywhere, which got me thinking about the pet-friendly holidays I could take with our dogs closer to home. Whilst I don't think that we'll get to the stage of our relaxed Mediterranean friends, you can still have a holiday experience with all of your family present. 

Most of the beaches that run adjacent to our holiday homes are pet friendly and in many cases, without leashes. I must say that we never get tired of seeing the pure joy on our rascals faces when they get to run free like this. One LaBalsa café even caters for pooches with fresh drinking water and a place to tether their leads whilst you enjoy an espresso and some raison toast.

Whilst not all of our homes are accommodating to pets many are and as we all know,  a beachside holiday is the best choice for building life long memories for all of your family, paws included


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