Why You Should Choose a Holiday Home Over a Hotel

When it comes to booking a holiday, often one of the first things we think to do is booka hotel or motel room however, there are many reasons you should consider choosing a holiday home instead.

Firstly, the obvious reason, space! A holiday home will give you much more space to move around than a cramped hotel room. It’s a great option for families and parents as you can keep the kids separate in their own rooms and follow a similar routine as you do in your own home.

Even though you get more space, holiday homes usually work out a lot cheaper than hotel rooms! You are saving money because you are not paying for the wages of the hotel staff while you stay. This means you can stay longer and enjoy even more time enjoying your relaxing holiday.

Another way that renting a holiday home saves you money is food. There’s no need to worry about getting up and going to a restaurant for breakfast or ordering expensive room service when you have your own fully decked out kitchen at your disposal! You will be surprised how much money you will save by cooking rather than feeding the whole family at a restaurant.

Holiday homes provide a much more private space than a hotel or motel where, not only are there other guests everywhere you look, you have the added stress of hotel staff coming in and out of your room for cleaning. It’s not uncommon for hotel staff to steal their guests belongings.

Relax and unwind in one of our stunning holiday homes on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Our rentals are perfect for single, couples, families and corporate stays.

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